What’s In the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit?

The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit has to be one of the best toys you can pick up for your kids this Christmas period. If you have trouble getting your kids off their phones then why not get them a toy they can play using their phones? With the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit your kids can race supercars around a track using their iOS or Android devices (Source: Anki Overdrive Fans). They can even race against AI opponents and play by themselves to win the Anki Overdrive Tournament. With lots of ways to play the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit sounds pretty great, but just what’s in the box? Let’s take a look.


Robotic Supercar Groundshock

The robotic supercar Groundshock comes with a Thunderbolt Core that gives it incredible speed and performance on the track. It’s one of the fastest and slickest cars in the Anki Overdrive world and it’s one of two supercars included in the starter kit. You should get out of the way when you see Groundshock gaining on you because it can emit an ElectroPulse that creates a circle of electricity to damage cars unfortunate enough to get in the way.


Robot Supercar Skull

The robotic supercar Skull comes with a Pirate Core that isn’t quite as powerful as Groundshock but it makes up for it in other ways. The second supercar that comes in the start kit has more firepower than Groundshock in the form of a plasma cannon. This powerful cannon fires at whatever gets in the way. Skull blows up the opponents and uses the explosion to damage other cars for dominance on the track. It might not be as fast as Groundshock but that speed won’t amount to much if the car is blown to bits.


Track Pieces

If you want to race in the Anki Overdrive world then you need to prepare the battlefield. The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit comes with ten pieces of track that you can turn into eight different tracks. You can create the Loopback track, the Wedge, the Quadra, The Point, the Overpass, the Microloop, the Hook, and the Capsule. Which one you want to go with is up to you.


Charging Station

Of course even the most powerful supercar of the future is going to need the occasional recharge. There’s no need to worry about buying batteries or anything of the sort with your Anki Overdrive Starter Kit. When the cars run out of power just attach them to the charging station and give them time to power up before going back to the races.


Tire Cleaner

Every so often your Anki Overdrive supercars are going to need a little maintenance so that they look and move their best. When the tires on your supercar get a little scuffed just give them a quick clean with the included tire cleaner and you’ll be ready to race again in no time.


The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit is just that; a starter kit that gives you everything you need to throw yourself into the Anki Overdrive world. So pick yours up  and give your kids a Christmas to remember!