How To Use MeetUp To Network With Other Business Owners

Have you ever heard of MeetUp? The app that let’s you create groups and events on any topic you may want. Do you want to start a weekly meetup with businesse owners in your city? Great! Try MeetUp. It’s essentially a free app with thousands and thousands of events all over the world. You can join the groups that interest you and then attend their events.

Simply signup for free with your Facebook or Twitter account and join the groups that you can potentially have interest in.


How To Use It For Business?

This isn’t just a place where surfers go to, to meet other surfers, MeetUp will mostly definitely have a “Business Networking” group in your area, and you should definitely take advantage of that.

Imagine you want to build a new app, but you don’t have any capital or know anyone who can code it for you. You can essentially find a developers meetup close to you, join the group, attend the meetup and talk with as many programmers as you can until you find your co-founder.

What To Do Next?

Once you’ve created your account you have essentially two options… You can either create your own event, and invite friends and family who are interested in your subject to join, and then let other people find your group through the platform. Or you can just join groups that interest you and meet hundreds or thousands of people that way.

If you’re just getting started, it’s probably best if you just try and join other groups, it will help you better understand how the platform works, the power that it has and how it can impact your business.