dylanPublicWorks is a blog and community founded by Dylan Goodwin, a former executive from one of the largest publicly traded UK companies. Dylan retired at 53 after a professional career of 25 years in the corporate world. Being very respected in the business world, Dylan decided to start PublicWorks, which aims to help businesses in the United Kingdom and around the world succeed.

PublicWorks will not only share the best content on business, sales and marketing from Dylan himself, but also from some of the experts in the industries that they operate in.

We’re bringing guests and contributors to be interviewed and write for PublicWorks, which will help you take your business to a whole new level.

Whether you run an online or offline based business, we can help you improve that same level and reach your goals as a business owner.

Our staff and team of contributors is excited for this new project and hopes that you, the audience, will find an immense amount of value from all the content that will be distributed and shared on PublicWorks.