5 Health Benefits Of Using A Carpet Cleaner That You Did Not Know

Carpet cleaners are much like vacuum cleaners, only they use mild soaps or shampoos and water to penetrate through the layers of the carpets and then extract the dirt, stubborn stains, mold, etc.

Sporting carpets in the house, office or any space always adds an aesthetic appeal to the premises but keeping them clean is always a difficult but very important task. Carpet cleaners, either steam based or just shampoo and water based are not only a great way to not only keep the carpets clean but also have heath benefits for carpet owners.

Excavation of dust mites

Carpets can become a breeding ground for dust mites and other microscopic insects, which are hard to remove just using a vacuum cleaner. The in depth penetration of carpet cleaners enables the indoor environment to be free of such organisms that can bite, give allergies to babies, children and adults alike.

Preventing mold and fungus growth

In places with high humidity like bathrooms formation of mold and fungus in the inner layers of carpets is a common problem. Mold or fungus infestations can cause allergies, asthma, constant headaches, eye irritations, and nose and throat problems. Regular use of carpet cleaners can prevent mold growth as they use very high power of drying system, which keeps the carpets dry and mold free for longer times.

Improving in house air quality

Carpets have the tendency to host a variety of air pollutants. From pet dander to insect repellents to everyday dust, dirty carpets can be a breeding ground for air pollutants that can cause severe asthma and other respiratory problems. The problem is worst when there are children or toddlers in the premises, as they tend to get sick more often because of weak immune systems. Regular use of carpet cleaners wipes the carpets off of any hidden air pollutants resulting in better air quality in the room.

Decreased muscle strain

Carpet cleaners do not require as much effort as vacuuming or manually cleaning a carpet does. While vacuuming a carpet, one may have to go back and forth a number of times and really push the vacuum cleaner so that it cleans the layers deeper. On the other hand, manually cleaning the carpet will require a person to bend and scrub and wash the carpet causing severe back pain, neck strains and shoulder aches. Moreover, a person suffering from cervical spondylitis cannot even begin to clean carpets either manually or even using a vacuum cleaner. Carpet cleaners achieve better cleaning in one motion and go easy on the muscles making the entire job a fairly easier one to do.

Healthier pets

If one has a carpet in the house and a pet, there is a certainty that the pet is going to have a host of health issues like constant sneezing, running nose, elevated shedding, stomach and digestion problems and mite problems. Pets tend to attract the mites from the carpets and in return become prone to infections.

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